Would you look at us now – we’re Baby Boomer GRANDPARENTS!  When did that happen?  If you’ve looked in the mirror lately or felt those aches and pains, after a stint in the garden, you’re one of us.  My final awakening was the birth of two beautiful babies in the past six months.  A grandson and a granddaughter, three months apart, and I’m in love.  Yes, it was a wake up call that I’ve passed middle age, whatever that was, and entered the last age set of my life.  But, it also jarred my senses to what is happening around me, and the fact that we have twenty, maybe thirty years, if you’re one of the younger Boomers, to make a difference, to affect change.

What change am I talking about – saving the earth, folks!  That’s right, those words have become a cliche, but it’s not a joke.  The state of our environment is real, and deteriorating every day!  I could wax on for hours with the details, but if you ever pick up a newspaper or watch the news you know what’s happening.  We’re in trouble!  Ignoring these problems over the past years didn’t make them go away.

Look at those grandchildren, look into their innocent eyes, and hold those soft little bodies and tell me that you think we can let this go on.  We’re the Boomers, start thinking about what we changed in the 60’s and the list is phenomenal.  We’re still here, and the earth needs us, or more clearly to the point, our grandchildren and great grandchildren and their descendants need us.  Let’s create a movement, we’ve done it before!

My purpose in starting this blog, is to rally us, to review books and websites, and make connections.  Social networking is our greatest tool these days – it started a revolution in the Middle East, for pete sakes.  I know the topic is hugely broad, but let’s just start talking and see where it takes us.  We each need to know what you know, so contribute, and let’s get moving.  If you ever doubt that we need to do this, look into the eyes of your grandchildren, and imagine looking into the eyes of their grandchildren, and trying to explain why we didn’t take action!



  1. I agree, we moved here two years ago when my daughter was 18 mnhtos old and it came as quite a disappointment to find there were no playground facilities within walking distance to where we live. I think there were plans to erect a playground within the grounds of Chorleywood House but don’t know if that has now been shelved due to cuts in public spending.It seems to defeat the object really, getting into a car to drive to the aquadrome so that our children can get some fresh air and exercise!

  2. Environmentalism is a broad philosophy, ideology and social movement regarding concerns for environmental conservationand improvement of the health of the environment, particularly as the measure for this health seeks to incorporate the concerns of non-human elements

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