Coming into the organic loop was a slow process for me.  A number of years ago I started reading labels on foods, and about the same time we began to hear that processed foods were probably not all that good for us.  So, I started to pay attention.  Not all at once, but gradually I stopped buying items that listed chemicals in their ingredients.  If I wasn’t sure what a word with eighteen (exaggerating) letters in it was, then I simply wouldn’t buy the product.  In today’s world, with our technology, smart phones, etc. we can simply check immediately while shopping in the store.

Putting this much effort into shopping may seem cumbersome or impractical, but let’s take a serious look at our priorities.  We’re talking about what goes into our bodies, our health!  And gone are the days, unfortunately, when we can just trust that if it’s on the shelf in the supermarket then it’s safe to buy.

Fortunately, over time and during the years when I grappled with whether to buy this product or that one, and which one had fewer chemicals, the organic revolution was coming on the scene.  And now, organic products seem to be everywhere, even in the mainstream supermarkets.  Along this path, I also discovered our local Farmers’ Markets, and my husband and I have now evolved into growing our own produce.   It may seem like a huge task, and there will be initial effort and a little expense, but once you’re set up, it’s easy, really!  Listed below are some websites that will help you get started.





I’ve chosen the sites above for their simplicity, especially for beginners. There is some work involved, but the process of growing your own food is another wonderful opportunity to get the grandchildren involved, and a great chance to see them more often.  Once the plants start to appear, they will be anxious to follow the whole process through the summer.  On the sidebar, you will see that I’ve listed several sites that relate specifically to gardening with kids.

We all know that gardening is fun and we benefit from getting our hands in the dirt and eating organic, but there is a much more serious side to “Why Organic?”
It’s the issue of pesticides.  They are still there – in our produce.  Back in the day, when I was unaware and trusting, I heard that DDT had been banned, and I some how translated that into the concept that all our produce was safe.  NOT!

On this website HELLO LIFE it is stated, “According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than one billion pounds of pesticides are used annually in the U.S.”  One billion pounds! Of course it’s sticking to our produce, but where else is it going, into storm drains, water systems?  This site also states that,  “Approximately 100 percent of all fungicides, more than 50 percent of all herbicides and about 30 percent of all insecticides are known carcinogens and toxic to humans.”  I have also read from more than one source that pesticides are extremely dangerous to children.  

This is not happy news, but we can’t stick our heads in the sand.  I know that everyone of you wants to protect your family, and we can do something about this problem.  We don’t have to try and tackle the giant corporations making these chemicals, we can succeed, once again, by our behavior.  Choose to buy organic and grow your own food, and hopefully, in time the decisions we make will create change.

We’re the Boomers, we’re still here, and we still wield a lot of power by the consumer choices we make! 


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