It’s only a stamp.  How can it possibly make a difference?

It can, and it does make a difference.  Choosing these stamps, and using them may seem like less than a drop in the ocean.  But, there are no insignificant acts when we are working toward the goal of a cleaner and healthier earth.  Small steps can change a culture.

Each stamp promotes a way to be “greener,”  i.e. sharing rides, buying local, composting, etc.  And, the graphics are great!

Like Nike says, “Just Do It.”  The next time you need to get stamps, purchase these and start using them.  You will never know who may have been inspired to change their lifestyle, or at least to think about greener issues.  It’s all important, every step that we take toward a greener earth, and a healthier future for our children.


11 responses to “GO GREEN AT THE POST OFFICE

  1. These are awesome! I think the best thing about these is it’s a social gauge.. Ten years ago they wouldn’t of made stamps like these, but look where we are now? It proves that ‘green-ness’ is becoming mainstream. About time!!!

  2. I enjoyed a few recent posts I’ve just looked at – came here because Greenophilic reblogged you. I’m the same generation, and even if I’m in France and haven’t got grandchildren (yet) I read your ‘About’ and thought ‘Great to read someone like me!’ Keep up the good work – it’s a lot of little steps by a lot of people that will do it.

    • lojardinier – Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your comments. How delightful to know I have a “sister” in philosophy so far away as France. You will someday love having grandchildren. I just visited your blog and left some comments.

  3. Thanks Judythe for your comment. It’s very true, I’m also using less stamps these days.

  4. Sad to say, I don’t use many stamps anymore. But I’ll be sure to use the green ones when I do. Thanks for letting me know these had been issued.

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