Toys NOT Made In China

It’s that time already!  Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m on my bully pulpit again about toys made in China.  There are two certainties regarding this issue:  Babies and toddlers will put all toys in their mouth, and if the toy is from China we have no knowledge about how it was manufactured.  On a recall site that I recently visited, ninety-eight percent of all recalled toys were made in China.  Check out this new app:

RECALLS.GOV mobile application  You can enter the product name in your phone and check toy recalls instantly from your home, daycare or store.

I’ve been researching this issue for a couple of years, and I understand the difficulty that retailers experience.  One told me recently that if they went to market and purchased only toys made outside China, they could not be prepared for holiday shopping.  SO SAD isn’t it, from a jobs standpoint alone.  And, with all due respect to retailers, many of them are doing their best.  It is important to keep letting them know that we have a preference for toys NOT made in China.

I’m not a purist – who can be?  If you want to purchase the latest and most popular toy, it will most certainly be from a large toy company and likely be manufactured in China.  Nevertheless, there are alternatives.  Consider your local holiday fairs and festivals, where you can purchase from local vendors.
And, options online are improving:

China Free Christmas

Toys Made in USA/

Kids Toys Made in USA and Europe

Happy holidays and happy shopping!  And remember, it may sound cliche, but our love and attention is the greatest gift we can give those wonderful grandchildren!


3 responses to “Toys NOT Made In China

  1. Nice Blog. Very informative with many useful suggests wrt protecting the future of our plant for those that will benefit most. I look forward to your next post.

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