“Chlorine is a poisonous, greenish-yellow gas described as having a choking odor. It is a very corrosive, hazardous chemical, and  highly caustic (can burn skin, eyes and respiratory tract).”  Source:

With our grandchildren in mind, and the health of our environment, I believe we need to pay more attention to the chemicals in cleaning products.  Most of us have routinely used chlorine bleach for laundry, as did most of our moms.
Since the introduction, last year, of two new grandbabies to this earth, I’m no longer taking anything  for granted.  I was already a label reader, but now I’ve begun to research every chemical product that I’ve used in the past, and search for alternatives.  And, I intend to share my findings here.

Presoak the item in 2 Tsp washing soda (a powdered mineral soap available where you buy baking soda), mixed with 1 gallon water in a pan, or add 1/2 cup to a washer load before you start it.   Or, you can add 1/2 cup of mineral-based Borax (remember grandma using this one?) or white vinegar in 1 gallon of water during the wash cycle.  Make sure you wear gloves to protect your skin. 

Greener Choices  (Consumer Reports)
Top Ten Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products 

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